Rachel is a designer and illustrator from the UK, currently working in South Korea.
Her work is focused on her interest in people and human behaviour. She combines social commentary with gestural characters, seeing how the two can interconnect with each other. She tries to make work that is clear and clever in order to illustrate in an unconventional way. 
Get in touch at [email protected]
Recent clients
Tomorrow's People, French Institute for Scotland, The Inkwell Magazine, The List, The University of Edinburgh.
Scottish Feminist Judgements Project, The Scottish Parliament - exhibiting artist.
The Break Free Project, The Hospital Club, London -  exhibiting artist.
ECA Illustration Degree show, Edinburgh - exhibiting artist.
Italian Film Festival, Film house, Edinburgh - exhibiting artist. 
'Juxtaposed', Upright Gallery, Edinburgh - exhibiting artist. 
MoonLanding Exhibition, ECA Sculpture Court - organiser and exhibiting artist.